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tv   Today  NBC  April 26, 2013 2:05am-3:01am PDT

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from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody, it's thirst-day thursday. what day is it, hoda? >> it's april 25th, 2013. >> the day my spanx are showing a lot. >> even more than normally. >> my dress is too tight. >> everything is too tight, i shouldn't have worn it and that's the problem, i won't bend at all. okay. beyonce is stirring it up yet again. yesterday, we talked about how she didn't like unflattering photos being taken of her at events. >> who does? >> these were a little
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frightening. >> that's her choreography. >> that's life. that's a new thing where she's banning photographers from her concerts and she will give a couple of photos that her own photographer is taking to the different news outlets. >> to like getty images and a.p. >> she wants control over her images. now that means every person who is at the concert with an iphone, will -- will suddenly -- could be very rich if they snap the right picture and sell it to the right magazine. >> you're making a whole new world of paparazzi. because in the past when people took these pictures, they would come along and confiscate your film. but now, they are not allowed to take away your phone. even though you're not supposed to be taking pictures at any of these events. she performs in huge -- >> i can't imagine they would ban cameras from those kinds of things. >> what do you make of what's happening? >> i think it's disturbing,
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she's getting insulated and as a result of getting insulated, you get isolated. you have to keep perspective in this life if you're in for the marathon. you really, really do. i think she's started out with like so many do, just so solid. she came out, came out singing in church, was raised right from wrong. i'm not saying she's gone off the deep end. i'm saying there are signs that she's becoming more and more -- >> controlling. yup. >> you can't control life, you can barely -- you can't control the weather, all you can control are your own choices, your own decisions. and it just, i don't want her to become like some of the other people that we liked at the beginning and then we see them change so much. we can't even relate to them anymore at all. >> what makes people relatable, i think are their mistakes and their whoopsies and their flaws and bad pictures. and jennifer lawrence is a case in point. yes, she messes up all the time and she doesn't care.
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>> she lets it work for her. she's honest about it. >> and reese witherspoon. >> jennifer lawrence flubbed bill clinton's name when she was introducing him a couple of days ago. >> bill or clinton? >> she messed up bill. >> now some other tape has surfaced of jennifer lawrence when she was winning some -- >> you said michelle. >> i screw up every day, too, and we laugh about it. >> it's human and adorable. >> let's look at the l.a. critics award in january. >> thank you, bradley, i just found out about our relationship in the tabloids today. i think we should break up. i need to take a break walking up here really -- okay. sorry to everyone i shook hands with, i'm sick, so you're screwed.
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i'm sorry, my heel fell, god, sorry. i'm like all three of the stooges right now. i'm on sudafed. i don't know how to recover. >> you're fine. >> am i? i'm afraid to look at all of you. >> she's up there receiving an award. so it's endearing, it's endearing. i think there's a little back-push against gwynneth paltrow winning the most beautiful woman on "people" magazine, too. we talked to a representative from the magazine yesterday. i knew it would happen because there are certain people, whether it's fair or unfair, they are polarizing for whatever reason. and the more -- >> anne hathaway. >> the more you can just seem like you're just like everybody else. i mean, everybody knows you're living in a mansion. you're driving -- you know, you've got the -- everybody knows nobody comes out of the womb looking that perfect, except for my children. but when you have a self-deprecating attitude towards it --
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>> it takes the edge off of everything. >> last night. >> we were busy. >> we were unbelievably busy. let's give a shout-out to bobbie, who had a great book party. >> that was a myriad of things. >> we have a couple of points to this, she had a party at henri bendel. >> we don't go there enough to know how it's actually announced. >> look at the book and how it's strategically placed. >> and a good gang came out to support bobbie. >> and it was a lot of fun. >> it was in dallas. it was a beautiful, beautiful, thing. we're so happy for her, the book's doing great. >> and we went to broadway before. >> yesterday -- >> i returned my -- my belief in theater, because i'm not wild about what -- you know, the theater season so far. yesterday we went to see an absolutely brilliant show called "pippen."
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it opens tonight at the music box theater. it's an older show. i think it's been 20 years since it's been revived. it's terrific. it's got a great score by steven schwartz and terrific performers. >> and it looks like cirque du soleil. when you're watching it, you don't know what's happening. people are jumping through hoops, there's fire. >> cirque du soleil and siegfried and roy. my traffic last night, my friend is one of the many producers of a show that opened last night. "a chat with sue mengers." bette midler's return to the stage called "i'll eat you last." hollywood is a cannibal and it eats everybody. she was on the stage by herself for almost 90 minutes. bette, i only met sue mengers, i didn't know her very well.
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i know bette a little bit more. so much of bette comes through sue. it is hysterically funny. it's profane. it is so funny. you better go to the potty first before you -- >> really? >> yeah. >> was it a star-studded event? >> it was, it was. one of those -- and the most embarrassing thing. i sit, talk about embarrassing. jeffrey was my -- the producer for my show, "scandalous." he said you be my date. after running all of those blocks, he said get there at 6:30 because they're closing the doors. i get out of the car and run. i get there in time for -- never mind. the guy takes me down to my seat. it's right down in the second row and i'm thinking, gee this is better seat than i had for my own opening night. guess what? it was too good to be true. because it wasn't my seat.
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so i was sitting there and everybody is looking there, her? great seat. and i'm going, uh-huh, yeah. and all of a sudden -- you get that -- oh no. >> i'm sorry, they gave you a wrong seat. >> and i said that's okay. and whatever. i get up and i go and as i'm walking -- never mind. all the way around the theater to the other side. and not such a great seat. anyway, the guy whose seat it was comes all the way over to me and says, you forgot something, holds up my purse. i left my purse. >> hello. >> hello. >> it was one of those nights. >> you laugh about it and say, you're not hot stuff, missy. you're just lucky to be there. i'm happy for my friend with this one. >> keeping the broadway theme going, my i-hoda playlist -- >> i thought we ran out of time. >> we didn't run out of time. this is one of those oldies but goodies. >> i don't like the rap.
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>> here's an oldie but a goodie. hit it. ♪ pretty soon you'll take a ride ♪ ♪ and then she said ♪ just because you've become a young woman now ♪ ♪ there's still some things that you don't understand now ♪ ♪ before you ask some for his hand now ♪ ♪ keep your freedom for as long as you can now ♪ ♪ my momma told me ♪ you better shop around >> we saw this at "motown." ♪ just one thing i want you to know now ♪ ♪ just as sure as the wind's going to blow now ♪ ♪ >> okay, i love it. today is take your daughters -- >> and sons. >> to work day. >> jim murphy is one of our editors and he's here with his daughter, shannon. jim is such a good guy, he edited our five-year anniversary
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and shannon is a budding editor. >> it's the fourth thursday of every april. >> so welcome. okay or not okay -- is it okay to reveal your weight? let's find out. >> hoda and i, we're comfortable revealing our weight on our show. but not all women are, hoda, and shouldn't be required to. i mean it. >> all right, fine, whatever you say. of course it is, okay? 148 pounds. >> liar. >> no, that's exactly how much i weigh. >> liar. >> okay, 150. >> 122. >> in my dreams. >> the kentucky derby thing coming up? >> we have our kentucky derby hat contest. go to our website,, and submit a photo of your original creation, get crazy. you have until tomorrow. and you may just be sent to the kentucky derby. coming up, a good friend of
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ours and a party partner of yours -- anthony mackie. >> he's -- >> anthony. >> the ladies on the plaza are getting excited. and the ambush makeovers coming up. >> does he have a dog? is that blake? was it? did you guys get blake here? right here? no, he's with anthony.
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save on boat and motorcycle insurance too. other insurance companies are green with envy. oh, no, no, no...i'm sorry, but this is all wrong? i would never say that. writer: well what would you say? gecko: well i'd probably emphasize the savings. ya know...lose that green with envy bit. rubbish. it's just a reference about my complexion. writer: but the focus groups thought that the... gecko: focus groups. geico doesn't use focus groups. uhh...excuse me. no one told me we were using focus groups. vo: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. funny, funny, downright adorable. i'm not talking about hoda or blake. i'm talking about my friend, anthony mackie, starring in the new movie "pain and gain." >> based on a true story of personal trainers who decide to rob and kidnap one of their clients. anthony plays adrian doorbal. pumped up in most areas of his body, except for one pivotal part. take a look. >> are you currently using steroids? >> no, ma'am. >> when is the last time you
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injected. >> monday? >> yesterday. >> i threw them all out. i think me messed me up. >> okay. probably just have defeated phallic syndrome. we treat it here all the time. >> it's kind of hard to focus on you at this moment. >> what are you stroking? >> a microwave? >> this is my little puppy. >> honestly? >> he looks just like my blake. >> my little girl brought blake a gift, huh? a little cookie for blake. >> when did you get this cute little dog? >> i got this puppy about a year ago. i named her hoda. but then i found out you named your dog blake, so i changed her name to kathie lee. >> that is the cutest dog. >> yeah, yeah.
2:20 am
>> i saw a picture, a friend of mine emailed a picture of you with your dog and i almost fell off my couch. >> they look like twins. >> we're connected at the hip. >> we have new orleans and we have our baby. look, look at the comparison. >> with the white here. >> exactly. >> it's weird. >> did you have trouble getting her weaned, not weaned, but trained and all that stuff? >> yes, it was difficult to stop breastfeeding. >> now hoda go with blake, because nothing else is working. >> little kathie is fine, she literally just sits on the couch all day like the little princess that she is. >> as she should. >> let's talk about your film. >> "pain and gain." >> that makes it look like it's a comedy. >> it's a fun movie. it's a true story. it's about the sun gym gang, these guys in miami in the '90s, that wanted to achieve the american dream.
2:21 am
>> meaning? >> girls, chicks? >> no, my character, adrian is kind of like the grounding force of the crew. >> i guy named doorbal -- >> patient. >> his goal was to get money so that he could take care of his family. he wanted to buy a house with a little white picket fence, he wanted to take care of his friends. >> so the ends justified the means? >> yeah. >> it's not all sunshine and roses. >> it's brutal. >> it's about guys who kidnapped and extort and murdered the guys they're training. it makes sense in a lot of ways. the thing that michael bay did -- who is so amazing. >> he's the director? >> yes. he made you feel comfortable with these guys and what they did, he made them relatable. >> but that's -- there's not a gang anywhere that that we start glamorizing people like that? >> there's no glamour in that. the great thing about people, you have to understand what put them in that position. >> use humanity.
2:22 am
>> the "h" word. you're just rolling today. >> i've never been the same since he threw me over his neck and had his way with me. >> when i see you two, i think of that. ♪ like the corners of my mind >> do we have anything else to talk about? >> no, let's keep anthony for the rest of the day. stay with us, baby. >> you can't have too many kathie lees. >> "pain and gain" opens tomorrow in theaters. >> from appetizers to snacks, trick food fixes right after this. [ lane ] do you ever feel like you're growing old waiting for your wrinkle cream to work? clinically proven neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair.
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on today's quick fixing we're talking about fast food. sometimes your neighbors drop by unannounced. >> so rude!
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>> and it's always good to have some snacks ready. >> or send them home. here with creative ideas is lifestyle expert maureen trotsky -- apparently that's her real name. >> things you can whip up quickly. >> i have tips that make it look like you were ready all along. bread, everyone has bread at the house, i like to keep a baguette in the freezer just for these occasions. we've got white toast, wheat toast. >> a little honey on the apples and cheddar. cut on the angle. olive oil. >> lunch meat. voila -- >> this is -- honey glazed ham. we slice it about an inch thick. >> stick it on the skewer. we call these pin wheels. they're not fancy. skewer.
2:28 am
we have the tomato, you can do an olive. you can do -- >> something that everybody likes. >> you can do salami, cheddar. >> that looks very good. i might nibble at that. this is a great way to present these pigs in a blanket. >> hoda's favorite thing with a little mustard. >> i know. >> wine glasses to put out bread sticks, simple enough. pigs in a blanket. which happen to be hoda's favorite and we used parchment cups like you would get palms of hearts in. >> freezer to fabulous, we're creating height. using cake stands, and these are little mini quiches from the freezer. >> where do you get those? >> costco. >> these are in every single grocery store. >> pigs in a blanket. everybody thinks they're for kids, but they're for the adults, we know.
2:29 am
>> this is one of my favorites. when the kids come home and say tomorrow can you make 22 snacks for my class? >> moms, we love this. this is a simple idea that anyone can do with almost anything in the house. moms do have pipe cleaners, we roll it up. we made little butterflies here. we've got raisins, dried fruit, chex mix. >> you can roll it up. >> i'm giving you a test, you can handle this, right? goldfish on one side, and you make -- >> burls. >> so it doesn't get all mixed up. >> i'm not finished yet, i'm eating. >> you can choose fruit, from the pantry, refrigerator, you can put cheese cubes in there, too. and of course, sangria is the simplest drink to throw together. >> for your children after they come home for a long time.
2:30 am
>> after making all of those snacks, they're for you. >> ambush makeovers coming up. >> and how to turn mistakes into success.
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2:32 am
with welcome to our thirst-day thursday. two lucky women get swept into hair and makeup for a brand-new look. >> he has a long-time girlfriend. >> what if it doesn't work out? >> working their magic is "today" contributor to the stars, louis liccari, la, la, la, la, la. >> and "today" contributor and stylist, jill martin. >> spring is in the air, they all have spring fever and so many people, so many women wanted a makeover today.
2:33 am
>> let's talk about carrie tilton, 36 years old from ft. worth, texas, celebrating her 15th anniversary. she said she jumped at the opportunity for a glam new look for her husband. let's take a listen. >> well, nanna and poppa watching the kids, so it's play time for you. happy anniversary. >> thanks. we just came to the show because we heard that "today" was makeover day and i was hoping that you would see opportunity in me and you did. >> i love the way you put that. because we did see opportunity, you're so pretty, we're going to glam you up. what do you think about all this? >> this is exciting and so much fun. i think she's already so beautiful, but it will be fun to see her do something new and exciting and fresh. >> what do you think the kids will think? >> i hope they love it. >> they're sweet, jacob with his blindfold on. keep your blindfold on until we ask you to take it off.
2:34 am
here's carrie tilton before and here's the new carrie. >> oh, wow! >> oh, my gosh. >> are you ready? >> take off your blindfold, jacob, whoa, hello! >> all right. you want to see yourself, carrie? >> oh, wow. >> like kate middleton a little bit. >> why don't you look at camera 12. tell us about her kate middleton locks. >> it is similar. it's perfect. what i did is i made the top of the hair a little bit darker, you notice as it goes down, as it cascades down, she had some old highlights that i toned down because they were a little bit gray looking, too ash. and now the light golden brown, dark golden blonde color. then bridget -- >> love bridget. >> layered her hair around her face.
2:35 am
gave her those great bangs, the easiest way to change a style. >> what do you think? >> it's, it's -- it's amazing, more than i would have thought. it's so exciting for her and i think it's great. >> jill, that dress is such fun, by the way. >> well, red for anniversary. and lace to be trendy of course for spring. this is from london times, she has such a tiny waist, it came with a thin belt, i added a thicker belt. >> of course you did, that's the way you roll. >> you know your accessories. >> and the jewelry is kendra scott. >> carrie, come join your husband right there. >> great you. >> and our second lady is kim waterman from bettendorf, iowa. her son begged us to upgrade her look. >> well, kim just said to jimmy, i really liked you with your long hair. you looked hot. but i like you with your short hair, too. but now it's your makeover turn.
2:36 am
>> i'm so excited. >> tell me why you want this so badly. >> are you kidding me? i would just love a makeover. yeah. learn how to put makeup on. >> i know you want this for your mom, you made this sign. i don't believe you made it, because it's got bubble letters. >> she's had the same style since i was born, 24 years ago, and she watches the show every day. and i'm very excited. >> are you excited for your hot new look? >> yes, i'm very excited. >> what an adorable son you are, michael, with your blindfold on. here's the former kim waterman. and let's bring out the new and improved kim waterman. >> oh, my gosh. wow. >> what a difference. >> all right. michael you can take it off now, hon, give it a look. >> you look great.
2:37 am
>> are you ready to look, sweetie? come on over and turn around. >> you look so chic. >> everything. >> look at that. >> turn around and look at camera 12. >> what's wrong, michael. what are you thinking? >> i hope my dad's watching. >> she looks fantastic. >> kim has it going on as they say. >> is this great or what? bridget gave her this great haircut. it reminds me of the '60s, like an old twiggy haircut but updated. and a hair color that's too light, the same color as your skin. making the hair color darker, she just popped her skin and it's all accented by the makeup. >> and i love this dress. >> look at that body. >> it's from london times, color blocking for spring. our favorite colors, turquoise white and black.
2:38 am
and the earrings are roberta chiarrella, under $50. >> say hello to everybody. if you can find your way to your admirers. congratulations. thank you, louis, have a great day. how to turn your mistakes into a million dollar idea. um, hello. these ugly stains are ruining my good looks and style. and good luck using that cleaner. excuse me, miss ? he's right. those are tough hard water stains, and that cleaner's not gonna cut it. truth is, 85% of us have hard water and many don't even know it. you need lime-a-way. lime-a-way is specially formulated to conquer hard water stains. it's 4 times more effective at removing lime scale than the leading bathroom cleaner. see the lime-a-way difference or your money back. mike's being healthy and chewing like a man. with one a day vitacraves for men.
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it's a gummy multivitamin with more b vitamins, which help convert food to energy, and help mike do manly things, like wrestle bears and take out the garbage. one a day vitacraves for men.
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whether it's post-it notes, silly putty or chocolate chip cookies, don't you wish you would have thought of those things first? >> it turns out some of the everyday products we cannot live without were discovered by accident. modern-day inventions, those sometimes wacky, often invaluable products that we couldn't imagine life without -- it turns out many of them began as a mistake. take ruth wakefield, the owner of the tollhouse inn ran short
2:43 am
of ingredients for her cookies in 1930, she figure she'd could use little bits of chocolate instead. ta-da, the chocolate chip cookie was born. >> a spring, a spring, a marvelous thing. >> slinky, richard jones was an engineer working on the tension springs of navy ships until one slinked away. >> if you pull it, it will go forever. >> from silly putty to artificial sweeteners, to potato chips to penicillin all were the result of accidental genius. >> kate white a career expert and author of "i shouldn't be telling you this" the success secrets every gutsy girl should know. >> and kaskade supra is an entrepreneur and the inventor of fresh paper. >> and this is your product,
2:44 am
tell us about this one. >> it's just a simple little piece of paper. and you just drop this in your refrigerator drawer, anywhere you keep produce, it will keep it fresh for two to four times longer. it's made only with organic spices and based on a home remedy that my grandma in india gave me. when i was in middle school, i accidentally drank some tap water while brushing my teeth. and she gave me this like murky brown mixture she made in her kitchen, like spiced tea, and i drank it and i didn't get sick so i started a middle school science project. >> do you make a lot of money off this? >> i originally designed it for the developing world because i felt like it could really transform the lives. >> yes. >> people like my grandma. but then you know i really struggled to get it to people as a nonprofit. so about a year and a half ago i started going to local farmers' markets in cambridge and i set up a stall. >> let's talk about other
2:45 am
things, kate, the tollhouse cookies, that's a great one. >> let's enjoy one while we're talking. >> i love it that you have it on the tape. but ruth wakefield, she didn't have baker's chocolate and she wanted to make chocolate cookies, so she put in some nestle's pieces that she had. and nirvana. a customer kept sending his potatoes back. not fried enough. so the cook got irritated so he sliced the potatoes really thin, fried to within inches of their lives, and the guy loved them and they started appearing on the menu and the word spread. >> and post-it notes? >> they came from 3m. a scientist discovered some glue that wasn't very sticky. know a guy used it on paper to mark the pages in his hymn book and they realized we got something here. >> how can a person take
2:46 am
something that they've just been doing forever, it's hanging around the house and turn that into a million-dollar business? >> i think you have to let your mind snag on things and say, what can i do with this? the guy who invented velcro got the idea from burs on his pants legs. and you also have to embrace your mistakes. we're told to -- move away from it, put it behind you. but if you look at mistakes, sometimes you see hey, there was one thing there that worked and how can you go big with it. >> these are all great. >> what advice would you give people? >> i think it's important to think simple and to think about applications that you could never have thought of. now we sell fresh paper, for every pack we sell, we donate to a local food bank and we're trying to get it to farmers in the developing world. >> thanks, great to have you both. awesome. a bikini-clad girl, a few guys and a bottle of lotion. >> but enough about my house. >> a very funny spring prank.
2:47 am
good morning to you. i'm alex wilson with your seven-day forecast. today we'll be watching for the threat of storms in areas like dallas. see rain showers up near kansas city. snow flakes up in parts of new england. 68 for d.c., 64 for new york. mid-50s arngds kansas city. warmer in texas. 0 for house. 62 in denver. start our weekend, we're going to see things really change in the southeast. unfortunately we're going to keep rain showers, clouds and a chance of thunderstorms around through both weekend days. just about everybody else is dry. areas in california, los angeles, 71. 66 for san francisco. and minneapolis, quite a warm up for you guys.
2:48 am
72 in d.c. sunday we're going to keep the rain and possible thunderstorms back towards the southeast. we'll keep it a little cooler around tlantsd. 65 for chicago. 64 in boston. upper 60's for -- 101 the high for monday in phoenix. it's going to be a hot start to the week. 84 in orlando and 74 for atlanta and we've got showers and thunderstorms even lingering into the start and new school week. same for tuesday, 79 for new orleans, 77 in atlanta. 79 in lewisville. on wednesday we could see a few snow showers up that way, denver highs 46 degrees. don't forget, each weekday morning you can "wake up with
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al." it starts at 5:30 a.m. alright guys, let's huddle up here and talk probiotics. for digestive health? yes and did you know that trubiotics is a daily probiotic that helps in two ways. it supports digestive and immune health by working in your gut
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where 70% of your immune system lives. try trubiotics today.
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time for webtastic when we dig up the next video you'll want to forward to all of your friends. >> this week, spring break fun. >> this one's for you, kathie. the pranksters decided to find out what guys would do for a pretty girl in a bikini. in this case, a pretty girl with a stomach ache, check it out. >> could you get my back and upper thighs, it would be amazing. >> okay. >> you go to high school or what? >> i was born and raised in northern california. >> did you fart? >> you farted again? >> sorry, okay. could you watch my stuff while i just run to the bathroom. >> just really quick, i'm so sorry.
2:52 am
>> ah, sitting here with a girl, i may be here for a little bit. >> i think she went to take a [ bleep ], honestly. she needed to. >> nice meeting you, sweetie. >> they couldn't pay me enough to sit there and do that, you guys. >> how was she making the sound, do i want to know? >> it was an automated thing. >> that's genius. >> and the guys stuck it out, they stayed there. >> they don't care. >> they don't care. >> it was all about the bikini, but that's a deal-breaker, is it not? >> not for them. >> no, no, no. >> why age is just a number. >> we're talking about young people. >> we're talking about sex after 60. the viagra diary's author.
2:53 am
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2:56 am
they call them the golden years for a reason, being over 60 can be a bright new beginning for many people, full of success, love and romance. we've got the proof. >> that's true for barbara rose booker. the author of "the viagra diaries." it's been optioned as a tv series for hbo. >> darren star, the creator, along with candace bushnell of "sex and the city."
2:57 am
>> let's talk about the road, it was not an easy road for you to get the book published. >> no, hello. i'm so happy to be here with you, two. >> you give people hope saying i'm past the age that everything is going to ever happen for me. >> it doesn't hurt that your daughter is a brilliant booking -- is an agent. she was my agent for years, she saw the value that what you were doing. >> she's the best. she's my boomer hottie. we're doing a boomer hottie thing together and i have simon schuster. >> you had simon schuster -- >> this was a self-published book that simon and schuster picked up. >> it was a book that nobody wanted. they said nobody is going to want to read about people over 60 having sex, having hopes and dreams? >> there was some interest in it, it seems. >> very much so. very much so.
2:58 am
i mean not playing bingo and not defining yourself by age? that's the whole thing. >> you write with such humor and honesty. you're writing about a lot of the experiences you've had. >> tell us about the protagonist in this book. >> anna applebalm is 65, refuses to be defined by age. she is not age-appropriate. she breaks all the rules. she wants sex, love, career, money, rock and roll. she wants it all. >> she has a daughter. she has a daughter in the book who tells her what to do and she's 40. you know what i mean, that kind of thing? >> and she has girlfriend who is trying to tell her everything. >> her boomer girlfriends over 60 and their things with their men. >> then she meets marv. >> marv rothstein, who is 70 in the book. >> diamond dealer. handsome. >> available but not
2:59 am
emotionally. >> exactly, exactly. handsome. >> i've read this book. >> that's for sure. >> he's the cool guy, marv rothstein, he's the cool guy that a lot of women fall in love with and he's sexy, he's cool, he's afraid of age, but very early on, she finds out he's a serial j-dater, he's looking for the 30-year-old. and he's not available. >> she's got a few surprises for him. >> annie writes about him in her column. >> who is playing who? who is playing what role yet? >> we don't know. you know, they don't tell me. maybe kathie lee may be playing her. >> really? >> they would have to make me look older. >> hoda, there would be a part for you, too. >> you would be great. >> we're so happy for you. you are adorable. >> coming up tomorrow.
3:00 am
a great performance by michael bu lay. hadn't had hem. jeff: how man's best friend sailor.ave a >> you're so used to that threat. it's hard to turn it off. a sense of security. jeff: look at that. pavis andr stylist ken his cut, all wigged out. >> you look like ben franklin. unleash the e hounds. wow! [ applause ] hello, hello! roll it! cbs television distribution ] all right. a little about me. married.tly i work with my wife on this show. and i'm learning how to be a dad to two amazing kids in a blended family. i'm hosting a talk